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Alhamdulillah, it was a great journey and experience. Great thanks to Sunnah Tours and to my brothers and sisters in the group that made it a wonderful experience.
Aftab, Middlesbrough
Alhamdulillah, overall it was a fantastic journey, enlightened by great people and beautiful memories. It's something I personally will never forget. Masha'Allah the organisation was great and it's a group I’ve already started recommending.
Talha, Birmingham
Its been a memorable, amazing and extremely enjoyable trip, with the friendliness of the group and the excellent organisation.
Liaqut, Nottingham
Alhamdulila I have been on Umrah with Sunnah Tours took my whole family. Absolutely looked after our needs support were needed. Good lectures for my young girls who were interested in Islam and how it translated into there so called modern lives. Would definitely go with them again. Keep up the good work brothers our duas are with you.
Nusrat, Bradford